Friday, September 25, 2015


To be truly intimate with another, don't you have to be willing to be truly intimate with yourself first?  Willing to explore all of your corners including the dark cobwebby ones. And to lovingly accept all that you find-forgiving, honoring, celebrating-every  thought, feeling, secret, fear,story that you uncover...Because isn't this what intimacy between two people is all about-sharing every deep, dark secret, every joy and every sorrow, every truth and every fear..and accepting without judgement all that is offered?  Isn't this how a truly deep connection with another is possible, by connecting with self first of all? Intimacy, like love, starts within...

Love Starts Within

I have loved too deeply,
To fill an emptiness within.
An emptiness I now know
was caused by not loving
myself deeply enough.
And because we attract who we are,
I ended up loving too deeply
someone that could not love me
Deeply enough...
Love starts within