this place i love

i come here so often
looking for answers
hoping to hear what i am seeking
in the whispering branches
my place of peace and escape
my secure place
where time stands still
and i am free to dream and wander
i wander thru the past
venturing into dark cobwebby corners
and down sun washed roads
reliving, reminiscing, reevaluating
choices, decisions, events
my dreams give light and hope to the future
they make me feel that there is still time
time to do it right
to get it done
to just plain live
and live fully with no holds barred
this place gives me strength
i draw it from the trees
that have withstood
a hundred years of storms
winds whipping their branches
and caressing their leaves
and i draw it from the moving waters
of the river
constantly in motion
sometimes barely moving
other times flowing fast and strong
pushing fallen trees in it’s wake
the only thing missing
from this place i love
is the endless horizon i crave
this is where my true strength and energy gets refilled
wide open spaces touch my soul
in a way nothing else does
be it at the oceans edge
a mountain top
or the rolling prairie
yes even the wide open expanses of the prairie
can restore me and bring the world
into perspective
i am reminded once again
of the vastness and wonder of our world
and the tiny part of it that is me
i am because the world is here
and the world will be here
long after i am gone
and once again life is good~


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