so...i had an offer today
i should be flattered
and i am
but i'm also not

it's nice to be wanted
especially when you're
fifty something...
to still be considered hot
is a pretty fine feeling

but i want more
i want to be wanted
not only for the outside
but also for what's inside
(i know my inside is
pretty damn fabulous!)

& i knew that wasn't
part of the offer
so i passed
i will wait,
& look forward to the day
the right offer comes along

*to the powers that be...please let me still
want sex when that day comes to pass!


  1. Absolutely lovely - and poignant. A great finale. Isn't it great we can maintain our humor even in the midst of it all?

    Your site is lovely too.

    Warm regards,

  2. I think humor saves our sanity! Thank you for your kind words Lauren, very encouraging for me...


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