i've been missing you...


i've been missing you again
this week
the feeling has been gripping
my heart
crawling into my throat
constricting me
i don't know why
it's back again
this missing you
perhaps because i sense
the letting go
i have no choice
the fingers of my feelings
are slowly being pried open
loosening my connection
to you
i don't know what else to do
i've tried to hold on
for so long now
so many times you've walked away
but this time
i know it's time
for me to let go
i cannot do it anymore
not by myself
and so i'm missing you
it's filling me
with sadness
overwhelming me at times
maybe someday
you'll be missing me
and come looking
but i cannot
keep waiting
and so i'm missing you
as i slowly let you go...


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