endings and beginnings....

i had an amazing 3 day weekend last week. i took in the beauty that surrounded me everywhere i went, i breathed in the calming effects of the fresh air, immersed myself in the sanctuary of the river bluffs, and was inspired by the art that i saw.

i headed into the week escorted by more glorious fall weather, feeling lighter, physically and mentally, than i had in a couple of years. that lightness is still with me after all that has happened. i think the weekend was about acceptance, cleansing...preparation for what i knew in my heart was coming, and necessary.

leaving the people behind is so difficult. so many talented, creative, unique individuals that i have come to know and love. people that have made impressions on my heart and soul. but it was time. i knew when i started this chapter it was not going to be a long one. it would be brief. i sensed from the beginning that it would be meaningful, that for once i was going into a situation that went far beyond the need for a paycheck.

and now the time is up. the lessons have been learned, the necessary experiences have been lived, the chapter has ended. it's time to start the next one. and part of the beauty of this next chapter is in that now a piece of each of those amazing people resides within me.

and my next chapter? it is going to be about love and beauty and making dreams reality....

Let the beauty we love
Be what we do


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