Sharing Our Truth...

Should we?
Should we show the world all of our messiness?
Along with all of our beauty
Is that part of living authentically?
And how much of our truth is ok to share?
Showing the world our demons, our weaknesses, our fears
Or do we just allude to them,
Saying "yes, I am not perfect, I am just trying to do the best I can"
And call it a day?

And by sharing it all,
All of our rainbows
And all of the monsters that chase us,
Are we setting an example,
Showing the world that we are one and the same and it's ok
You're ok because you're just like me
Or are we looking for attention?
Creating a little drama to feed ourselves
I don't know...

I am so NOT perfect, not always together
Sometimes I get tired of my struggles, my "messiness"
I still walk to close to the edge at times
But I also have fabulous times that are right on
Days where everything in my world is in the flow
Sunny, rainbow filled days
This is who I am
And I carry on, working towards being the best me I can be

I guess I will take it day by day
Sharing as my heart and soul feel the desire to do so
I will filter as I see fit
But I think I am pretty open
And if my story, my experience helps you
Then I believe I have done my part
And this is my truth......


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