Do Overs....

So windy and cold and grey. It looks and feels more like fall today than spring. I almost wish it were...I sometimes wish time could be turned back. So many things to relive, to do over and try to get right. Not that I want to live my life filled with regrets, but a second shot at somethings, good and bad, would be nice. Maybe it's a matter of bettering my karma in this life rather than trying again in another.

Yet, I look back over the years and I don't find any real deep regrets. Certainly things that I can see now that could have been handled in better ways or opportunities missed that shouldn't have been or words spoken...or not, but it all adds up to my life, my journey. It's what makes me uniquely me, and I like myself. So it is what is. Forgive and forget, love and cherish all of the fragments that make up my life.


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