Midlife for me(as it is for so many people but especially for women) has been such a period of questioning...,my life, my beliefs, my faith, what I am doing, where I am going, etc. At times it has been extremely difficult, especially those dark times when the hormones were at play,and before I knew exactly what was going on. Other times have been good. I have recognized the growth and change that I am experiencing,as for the best. I have come to realize that it's what is meant to be, to make it possible for me to become completely the me I am supposed to be.

But it is also a period of our lives that we don't talk about much, and as women we should. If it prepares those coming behind us for the possibilities of the road ahead, then our experiences will have been doubly worth it. Had I known what could possibly be in front of me, maybe the dark times wouldn't have been so dark. I know that everyone's path through these years is different, but just being aware of what others have gone through would at least have provided some "beware of" signs. Yes, there are books to read, but we still need the conversations,the real life experiences of women we know...


  1. A problem shared is only half a problem.


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