i hate this
so out of the blue
to feel so great and
now to be heading toward
the edge with such a sense
of helplessness
unable to stop the slide
i haven't felt this way in months
not since the little white happiness
became a part of daily life

i know my life circumstances are a mess
but the hormones must have
taken a sharp turn to nowhere
to get me to this place
so now i wait and hope
that my days don't get too dark
i write, i exercise and eat the proper foods
all in an effort to regain my footing
to stop the slide...

*bear with me as i work through the dark times
i don't like posting negative thoughts
all of the time, but this is part of the reason
i wanted to start this blog...to give voice to,
what is for some of us, the reality of midlife


  1. i love your blog-- i am going to follow it.

    will you follow mine too??




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