Saturday, July 25, 2015

Deep thoughts on a beautiful day....The homesick quote below has had me thinking this morning. Many, many times over the years, especially when I have been traveling, I've had those moments...of homesickness, loneliness, I'm not sure what. They almost always brought me to tears. More often than not I chalked it up to not having someone to share the moment with. And perhaps that was part of it. It had happened twice while I was in Baja this past February.

My first morning there I got up early as the sun was just beginning to rise and I went for a run. I had no idea where I was going, I just picked a direction and headed off. I ended up in the old part of town,in the old city square anchored by the beautiful mission. The light was just right, the air was still cool, and the square was empty except for the pigeons and a few merchants getting their shops ready for the day. It was colorful and charming and reeked of history. That was it, but it was enough to move me to tears. It was like I had come home finally. It happened again the next week when I moved up the coast to stay at the beach. I walked out onto that beautiful, wild, empty beach with the waves crashing onto the shore and I felt small and insignificant and powerful all at the same time. Once again I felt like I had come home. And the tears flowed.

Not only do far off places have this effect but also people, photography, art, nature, laughter, babies.....I've come to realize that these are my moments...the moments, the people, the places, the words, the things that make my heart sing. That resonate so deeply with my soul that it feels like a homecoming. These are the moments I choose to focus on, the ones that make me feel alive, passionate, endless. I hope that you have found your moments...

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