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I wish we would have had more deep conversations...conversations that took us to the heart and soul of who we are

I wish we would have shared more...shared what lights us up, what makes us laugh, and what makes us cry

And I wish we would have lived more of these moments together...

I wish we would have exchanged more stories...the real ones and the fantasies. And I wish we would have written more of our own, coauthored a book of dreams

I wish we would have loved more...ourselves and each other

I wish we would have owned our fears out loud...and together beat them down

And most of all, I wish we would have felt safe and secure enough with ourselves and each other, to have allowed these wishes to come true...

And finally, I wish that each of us learn the lesson of our story, and have all of these wishes come true...with the one star that shines brightly, just for us


  1. Deb, this is wonderful. I'm beginning to wonder if we're kindred spirits. Jeri Jo

    1. Thank you Jeri Jo! And its very possible. We've lived such different lives but the experiences, emotions, feelings etc. that we've each experienced can bring us to the same place...


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